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Greetings card!

You are welcome to our web-site this holiday season and feel free to enjoy our new service!

greetings card reversal You can send a greeting card to your girl friend with your warmest wishes to the upcoming holiday or with no reason at all! Be sure she will like it! It is so romantic nowadays to receive a real card from a real man!

Even more!

You can add more romance to the greeting card if you send us a scan-image of the wishes written by you personally. We will print this image on the card and your girl-friend will get a very personalized card, just as if you has signed the card yourself.

You can also ask us to print out a photo of yourself on this card.

You can ask us to translate your wishes to Russian.

Well, generally speaking, we can do anything you wish!

All you need is to word your ideas to us, we will personalize the card according to your wishes, and deliver it to the lady.

Please, contact us to learn about the cost of delivering you personalized greeting card to your lady. This won't cost much, 2 to 3 BRIDIKs depending on your desires as for the card design.

Please, have a look at the examples we made... and order greetings cards for your girlfriends now!

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