Date of birth:
December 23, 1980
5'3" (162 cm)
147 lb (67 kg)
Hair color:
Eyes color:
Russian Orthodox
Marital status:
Graduate school
English language:
using dictionary

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About me

I belong to these people who always has some goal and put a lot of efforts to reach it. Maybe it is good, but maybe for some one it is bad. I can't ay that I live by schedule, no, but sometimes I need to plan my day in order to assign time to spend it with my family and friends. Sometimes I just buy ticket to some town of Ukraine and travel there with my friends. Well I think that I am kind, generous, if you are my friend, you should know that you always can rely on me and ask for advice and for you I will do everything what is in my power and even more, coz it is not easy to find good friend and I appreciate these friends which I have now. I am easy-going, funny, have good sense of humor, responsible and reliable. I do not like when people tell lies, so usually I write what I think but not what you want to hear, maybe it is bad, but maybe you looking for such person like me.

Hobbies and interests

Ok, let me see what are my hobbies, well, what I like to do is to knit and embroidering. When I was in school I went to the hobby group "smart fingers" and was taught how to embroider and when I have free time and not with my friend, silently, when it is dark out side and when it is cold winter, I like to turn on music, thread a needle and start embroidering. This is my main hobby. But I also like to dance, listen to music, write poems, watch movies, especially comedies and melodramas, read but magazines and try new things for me. I can say that my life is adventure and I do not know where I will be tomorrow, I think you also can't predict future or maybe can?

Looking For Men Type

Seeks Partner: 25 - 40 years old
I have never been married, but I do want to have children and have normal and health family. I see by my side man who is responsible first of all, coz family life is the hardest work in the world and if you won't do this work, your family life will be destroyed, love is not enough, especially when only one person all the time gives you this love and you not pay back with the same coin to her or his. I want to feel safe and to feel strong shoulder, I want to rely on my man all the time and be sure that no matter what but he will be with me and I will be with him. Have you seen the movie "notebook"? I advice you to watch it, coz this is the best movie about real Love.