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  • Subscription to our site does not mean unlimited correspondence, but our subscribers get a lot of advantages, namely:




    Symbols limit in one letter for the cost of
    1 BRIDIK

    Bonus for buying BRIDIKs

    1 month

    10 FREE

    20 FREE



    3 months

    30 FREE

    60 FREE




    0.25 BRIDIKs
    for a QUERY

    0.25-0.5-1 BRIDIK
    for a video

    every 100 symbols cost 0.02 of a BRIDIK


    Buying service package subscription:

    Your subscription is registered the day you pay and ends 1-3 months after this date.

    If you buy new subscription before your existing subscription expires your subscription is prolonged further, all your privileges will be saved.

    If you do not manage to use all QUERIES and watch all video free during the time of your subscription they will expire. However, if you prolong your subscription before the expiration date, you will save unused QUERIES and videos.

    Bonuses do not sum up, the higher bonus will be applied. For example, if you have one-month subscription bonus of 3% and use "limited time offer" proposition for 25% bonus with a certain payment, you will be getting 25% with this payment, not 3% and not 28%.


    We provide our subscribers with the option of sending to your desired woman a standard note of interest - QUERY - for FREE. QUERY is a message that will inquire whether a girl is interested in you before you write her. This QUERY is a much smaller monetary risk for you than a letter: if you are a subscriber, 10 QUERIES every month are free for you, if you sent 10 letters instead it would cost you 10 BRIDIKs. You may send such QUERIES to any 10 women you like every month of your subscription and you will know that all the women that respond are sincerely interested! Lady's reply - yes or no - is FREE! How to send a QUERY? Just click on the button "QUERY" on the lady's page. Note: It is impossible to send a query if the lady already sent you a letter or you have written to her. Within a week you should receive a reply from the lady. If the lady doesn't want to correspond with you - you will get her explanations why, AND YOU DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING! If the reply is positive - you can send her a detailed letter about yourself through email forwardig system, which will cost you 1 BRIDIK per letter and YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT SHE WILL REPLY.


    We present a separate catalog with profiles of women who have video available. On video you can see how a woman looks in real life, how she speaks, moves, to hear her voice, and make sure she is real! All video clips are divided video into categories according to the content. To watch one video clip costs 0.25-0.5-1 BRIDIK depending on the length of the video, popularity of the woman, informativeness of the video-clip. Our subscribers get 20 FREE videos for every month of the subscription, thus being a subscriber you can save up to 20 BRIDIKs monthly!

    Symbols limit in one letter for the cost of 1 BRIDIK:

    For 1 BRIDIK our clients can send a letter up to 10000 symbols long (approximately one sheet of paper when the letter is printed), every 100 symbols over 10000 cost 0.02 of a BRIDIK. But our subscribers can send longer letters: the longer your subscription term is, the longer letters you can send without additional charge:

    Our 1-2 months subscribers get 10% bonus for "over-limit" symbols, i.e. for 1 BRIDIK they can send letters up to 11000 symbols long.
    Our 3 months subscribers get 25% bonus for "over-limit" symbols, i.e. for 1 BRIDIK they can send letters up to 12500 symbols long.
    All symbols in one letter that go over the limit cost 0.02 of a BRIDIK for every 100 additional symbols.

    Bonus for buying BRIDIKs:

    To exchange letters with women through our e-mail forwarding system will cost you the usual 1 BRIDIK for a letter, but you can make one letter cheaper using our offer for subscribers: buy BRIDIKs in bulk and receive additional bonus BRIDIKs for any purchase of BRIDIKs (excluding 75, 100, 200, 640 BRIDIKs):

    Our 1-2 months subscribers get 2% of the bought BRIDIKs to the account;
    Our 3 months subscribers get 3% of the bought BRIDIKs to the account;

    * For example, you currently have 1 month subscription active and buy 10 BRIDIKs, you receive 10,2 BRIDIKs to your account. If you are our subscriber for 12 months and buy 10 BRIDIKs, you already receive 11 BRIDIKs to your account, and so on.

    Service package subscription terms:

    Subscription term

    Cost of 1 month in USD

    Cost of the whole term in USD, billed in one payment

    3 month

    $ 25.00

    $ 75.00

    1 month

    $ 50.00

    $ 50.00

    Video package :

    Buying the package of video you get possibility to view video clips for the girls with considerable discount.
    According to our regular price-list to view one video costs 1 BRIDIK = 7.50 USD.
    If you buy video package you make one video review much cheaper, up to 2 USD per one video review.

    Introduction letters Package :

    Buying the package of intro you get possibility to read letters of introduction you receive from girls with considerable discount.
    According to our regular price-list to read one intro costs 0.25 BRIDIK = 1.88 USD.
    If you buy intro package you make one introduction letter much cheaper, up to 0.50 USD per reading an intro letter.

    Correspondence Package :

    If you are not going to buy BRIDIKs in bulk and want to correspond with ONE girl only, you should consider buying the package of correspondence.
    You buy a package of 3 letters + 3 replies for 34 USD or 5 letters + 5 replies for 52 USD thus making one letter cheaper.
    Please, note: correspondence package does not include reading a letter of introduction from the lady. To read a letter of introduction, that is first letter a lady sent to you, will cost you usual 0.25 of a BRIDIK.

    You can proceed to an order page from here if you want to add funds to your account or become a subscriber.

    If you are registered - you will be asked to login, if you are not registered - you will be asked to register.

    You can pay for our services in different ways: first of all, you can pay on-line using your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diner's, JSB). Do not be concerned about using your credit card online - credit cards orders are processed through the third party secure payment server of our designated payment service provider for credit card orders with VISA / MasterCard licenses and 3D Secure protocol. We also accept off-line payments: if it is more convenient for you, you can pay by money transfer (we offer 5% discounts for certain payments through money transfer; choose this method of payment to learn the details). Besides, you can pay directly from your bank account to ours, for this kind of payment choose bank-to-bank wire transfer. On-line payments are processed in real time and funds are added to your account at our web-site automatically. If you choose to pay by money transfer or to a bank account you will have to wait from 2 to 7 business days till we receive the money and will add fnds to your account at our site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.