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  • David, USA

    I want to congratulate you and your company on your thirteenth birthday. I hope you continue to have many successful years to come!

    Andrew, Canada

    I have been using the Army of Brides dating site for over a year, and have been delighted with many of the lovely women that I have met through the site. The women on this site really are women seeking men for serious relationships. I have been on other sites that just have pictures of pretty models on them that are only there to make money for the site, and are not looking for relationships with the men who join the site. Thank you Army of Brides for being a REAL dating site.

    Cristian Venegas, Chile

    Primero que nada les agradezco vuestro servicio, el cual es muy bueno, pero creo que seria conveniente que el servicio se expandiera hacia los hombre latinoamericanos (como yo), debido a que las mujeres de Europa del este son muy admiradas, por su belleza y deseo de formar una familia.
    Se despide muy atte
    Cristian Venegas

    Bob, USA

    I have found the site to be very helpful in my search. While I have not yet found that special someone I am certain that with the vast number of prospects, detailed information and variety of services that it is only a matter of time.

    Terry, United Kingdom

    This site is great with a good selection of ladies that you can chat too and even write too with easy. highly recommend
    Wanted to say thank you for the telephone call with lady 72626 it went really well better than I thought the interpreter was very friendly and helped a lot I have known karina for almost a year that helped a lot she is my best friend ---so thank you very much for your help and kindness--- I would like for her and her family to see america I owe you a thank you--Joe

    Oksana & Glen

    We have been away on holiday 2 times already and we are very happy. I would like to thank you for all your help and thanks to the website.


    07 September 2009

    Jeff from Australia

    Ben from Germany

    Hello lovely Ladies from hanuma. I wish you all the best in future. I did feel very comfortable in your hands. You always helped me very much. I had 3 meetings with nice girls but now I had to leave Mariupol and go to Odessa during 12 hours by bus. I hope I will see you soon. Bye, Bye, your friend Ben.

    Kurt Florida

    I came unexpectedly at the last minute and was most fortunate to have Olga assist me. I my first (unscheduled) day I met two beautiful and classy women! Thanks Olga. I have had problem with another much less professional agency. Even though she did not have to Olga got involved to help me fix problem I have been involved with many agencies in Ukraine but here (In Hanuma marriage agency) I feel the people care about me and Olga has been exceptional.

    William Oosterwijk

    First of all I want you to send my congratulations with the 8th anniversary of For the special occasion I like to tell you how much I appreciate the clear presentation of ladies profiles, in special at Army of Brides, the e-mail annotations and last but not least the great support from your helpdesk. The latter appeared to be very important for me in the meantime. Compliments!

    Will Harrison (Teddy Bear) Texas, USA

    To all at the agency: Just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done to help me and Lesya meet, get to know each other and for a wonderful future. Please, keep up the good work and I wish you all much success. Once Lesya and I are marriage in America we will let you know of our joy and happiness. Best Regards, Will.

    Ian William Watson, England

    As always the staff here at Army-of-Brides looked after me very well in arranging meetings with girls and helping me with simple things like shopping in local supermarkets and last but not least translation and finding me somewhere to stay. Thank you very much to all my friends here at Army-of-Brides, will never forget any of you! Ian Williams Watson

    Fransis Sullivan

    John Sager and Elena

    married December 29 2006 in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Thitny Payet, France

    I am very pleased about the service that provide this agency. Secretary and translators are very charming and want really to help you in you search.

    Robert Mudge

    18 May 2005
    My name is Robert Mudge, I am from Edwarosville, Illinois, USA. I came to Mariupol to see the main office of Army of Brides and to meet a lady. I am printing this because my handwriting is worse and unreadable. Army of Brides has always been helpful with my problems or questions I have had. Mariupol is a nice city and of course ladies are beautiful.


    17th of May 2005
    This is a good agency!
    I have been to many agencies in the Ukraine but the service of Hanuma is professional and the people I met here - Svetlana and Maria - are very kind.
    Mattias \ Germany

    9th of July 2005

    Very efficient agency! I stopped in without notice and everything was accomplished well in a friendly manner - including help with hotel accommodations.
    I look forward to working with Hanuma Agency in the future.

    Ian W. Watson

    England UK
    The staff at Army-of-Brides looked after me very well on my first visit to Mariupol, all the girls were charming, and lovely, we had a good laugh about different things, they were very helpful towards me! I will never forget them as long as I live and would always recommend this agency to everyone I know!

    James C. Bower

    Rao Chandu


    Jul 29, 05
    I visited Army of Brides without any prior contact: when I arrived in this industrial (steel) manufacturing city I was surprised at the number of attractive women I saw. Mariupol is a place I have never thought I would travel to... strange that I have ended up here, so far from home. The common person on the street is surprised at first when they hear my language. Few older people are pleased but most younger people are receptive. I was greeted at Army-of-Brides by Maria. She was very pleasant and helpful. The office is not set up to receive "walk-in" guests and a little cramped. They seem to be efficient and willing to help you meet your special lady.
    I can say my experience at Army-of-Brides in Mariupol was a pleasant one.
    Matt, California


    I like very much this agreeable atmosphere, the good service and the beautiful and friendly women who work in this agency.
    I hope they will be successful for a long time.
    Hubert from Cologne\ Germany

    Tom R.Delaney, P.A.

    Sunday, June 12, 2005
    Ms. Natasha Belanova, Director Belanoff International Marriage Agency Dear Natasha, I wish to congratulate you and your staff for the expert assistance that I received while visiting your city. Not only did your staff arrange meetings for me but also did the best translating service that I have received in all the former USSR. Sergei, my interpreter was very well trained in translating and also he left his options out of the translations. This is a rare quality but of course what translating "should" be about. Also helping me choose a good match for me saved me lots of valuable time. Knowing that you interview both myself and my dates seemed to make the matches work very well. Also arranging an apartment for me to rent with a very good landlord really helped me to make the best of my trip. I also referred several friends to your agency and they also were very happy with your performance. Needless to say on my return I will contact you in advance for some more of your wonder tender love and care. Again, thank you for your four star service.
    Tom R. Delaney Florida, Usa..

    Bryce Stevenson

    August 25th 2005
    I have just returned home from Kharkov. Before i went i had fears of going now i have been their i don't know what i was afraid of. Belanoff agency was excellent especially Natasha and Sergey i would be happy to highly recommend them to anyone. I meet a wonderful lady there Aleksandra and i will only be corresponding with her from now on. I hope she is sincere and genuine as i am planing to return to Kharkov in 4 to 6 months time and get married to this wonderful lady. Unfortunately the border control officers try to blackmail western men in paying them $500 us before they let them into the country - this happened to me, but the agency had some contacts and got me off without having to pay this. It was a long way for me to travel as i come from New Zealand and are very happy i made this trip. I think just maybe i have met my future wife, i know i want to marry this lady know and think this lady wants to also but are not 100% sure. Please accept my thanks for your help and especially Belanoff agency.
    Kind regards,

    TOM Jones

    To Whom It Concerns.
    I would like to recommend the Belanoff marriage agency to anyone that visits the Ukraine and travels to the city of Kharkov. They were very kind and helpful during my recent trip to the Ukraine. There staff helped me find an apartment and came and picked me up at the hotel that I was staying in and took me to it. They are all very professional and accommodating and if you are looking for a special someone for a relationship I highly recommend there services. I also would like to extend a special thank you to each of them Natasha, Sergei and Arina not only for my stay in Kharkov but, for all of there help making suggestions of woman for me to meet finding me a translator and especially for introducing me to a very Sweet Beautiful woman that I fell in Love with whom I am now filing a fiancee visa and waiting for her to come to America to be my wife...
    Thank you all again for being my friends...
    Thomas Jones

    Nikas from Greece

    Richard Harper

    In April of 2005 I had the most wonderful experience in working with the people from the Belanoff Marriage agency. Working with their agency was one of the most positive and extraordinary experiences if have ever experienced in my life. I highly recommend them and welcome all inquires regarding their agency or traveling to Kharkov. They are completely trustworthy. Before arriving I was concerned about what ladies I was to meet. They spent countless hours insuring they understood what type of lady I was looking for and then offered their honest opinion about which ladies they felt would match my needs and desires. They delivered exactly as they promised, without any surprises. Which is an amazing feeling for a man who is 13,000 miles from home.

    They were extremely helpful. Shortly after arriving it was clear to them that I had no plans for accommodation and no means to get to any destination. They arranged for accommodations, taxi's and EVEN traveled with me to my destination to make sure I wouldn't get lost!! They have excellent judgment. When traveling in a foreign country you are dependent on people you don't know. In every regard their recommendations were outstanding. I soon realized I had nothing to worry about as long as I was in Kharkov. They are just nice people. Every time I asked for their advice they were happy to offer it. If I felt like talking about my experiences they were there to listen to me. They made sure I was not hungry and well rested between meetings with ladies. But more importantly I felt as though I made made close personal friends. People who I would open my home to just because I trust them and they are good honest caring people that I deeply respect. As you can tell I highly recommend the Belanoff Marriage Agency of Kharkov.
    Richard Harper

    Chris Patton

    From July 1, 2005 to August 6, 2005
    I traveled in Ukraine in hopes of meeting a woman whom I would marry and begin a family. I had made previous trips to Ukraine in April and May 2005, I began a new search, with my new knowledge about Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian women, and the process of meeting women through a marriage agency. Based on this learning and experience, I knew my next trip would need to be different, and that I would need to meet more than one woman. I corresponded with several women, and made plans to travel to their cities to meet them and spend time with them. All in all, I arranged to meet women in Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov and Yalta. I did this by arranging air flights to and from each city from Kiev.

    In Kharkov I met Elena, the woman with whom I had corresponded, the first night I was in Kharkov and the lack of any connection was immediately apparent. The director and translator of Elena's agency, Natasha Belanova and Sergey Landau, met with me the next day, and after an hour of discussion, they suggested I meet a woman named Nataliya. We met that evening and both Natasha and I felt an immediate connection. We were able to meet one more time before I departed for Yalta. I knew that I wanted to see Natasha again and she wanted to see me. So I extended my stay in Ukraine a second time, from July 31 to August 6 (I first extended it from July 29 to July 31, so I could spend more time in Yalta) and returned to Kharkov on July 31 after my trip to Yalta. Natasha also cancelled her trip to the mountains so we could be together. The week we spent together was wonderful and we knew we were meant for each other. We are alike in so many ways; we are both serious and intelligent people who deeply appreciate music, art and literature.

    Yet, we share a great sense of humor between us and we laugh often, and her laughter is the sweetest sound I know. We talk on the phone every day, and we email each other very often. I have been single for 12 years, and have met a number of women, both American and Ukrainian. I have developed some friendships, but I have not encountered my soul-mate until I met Natasha. It has taken some time and distance to find her, but I know she is the woman I want to spend all of my life with. At this time, the I-129F for Natasha has been approved, and her documents have been sent to the US Embassy in Kiev, where her interview will be scheduled shortly. In closing, I want to take a moment to recognize the remarkable efforts of Natasha Belanova and Sergey Landau. At all times they were friendly, courteous and respectful, and were truly interested in finding a woman with whom there would be a strong mutual connection. They conducted their business in a very scrupulous and professional manner. They documented all of their time and expenses in writing and charged me fair and reasonable prices. I have dealt with many marriage agencies in my travels to Ukraine, and the agency of Natasha Belanova is a clear standout; pure gold among a group that is largely, and unfortunately, tarnished brass.
    Chris Patton

    Randall Taylor

    Dear Natasha,
    I can't adequately express the appreciation I feel for your help with my visit to Kharkov. Both you and Sergey went way above and beyond what I expected and what is normal for this industry. It's obvious that you care very deeply about your clients; both men and women. It's refreshing to see that you really want to help people find love and happiness, not just make money. I feel as though I have made some lifelong friends, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Take care and be well.
    Randall Taylor

    Cevdet AHISKAL

    Good Evening,
    I'm from the hotel business since 28 years and I'm the General Manager of a four star hotel with 700 beds (Barbaross Pasha's Beach Club in Manavgat-ANTALYA). I know the exact meaning of "SERVICE QUALITY"..Congratulations... What you did is a good exemple of " HIGH QUALITY SERVICE". I have to confess this..
    Thank you very much for your assistance.
    Thanks to the whole "Army-of-brides" team.
    Cevdet AHISKAL


    Dear agency team in Odessa,
    I would like to thank you for your support during my stay in Odessa last week! It was a great pleasure to have meet Valentina through you support. We have spend a great time together and I will visit her again next week. Thank you very much for your introducing her to me!!!
    Thank you for your support. I will come back to Odessa again next week and hope things will develop well with Valentina.
    Best regards,


    I was glad to visit your city and agency. Girls from Mariupol are very nice, sincere and beautiful.I enjoyed the time during my visiting. Here, I want to thank you for all the service and help during my visiting in your city and your agency. You gave me much attention, and provided sincere and honest service. I was glad to visit you. If I have chance, I would like to visit your city again or introduce your agency to other American friends.
    Thanks a lot!

    Chris & Yana.

    Chris and YanaChris and YanaChris and YanaEverything is going well for Yana and I.
    We got married in Vegas and we took about 180 photos of the city and all the sites!!! So, now, we just are being happy together. Yana studies English everyday and she is getting better at driving more and more.
    Love Chris & Yana.


    Dear Army of brides:
    You have a great website. I have found the lady of my dreams through it, met her in and we fell in love in Moscow last week. She is wonderful, and we are to be married. We hired an immigration attorney and are working on bringing her to the US now. Please remove my profile from your website as soon as possible. I have removed all of my data and profiles from all the other agencies sites as well.
    Thank you again for all of your help.


    I must say that I am impressed with how you handle your business. :-) I feel now that you are good people to do business with. If I should decide to again search for a foreign wife, I will certainly contact you first!
    Kind regards,

    Andrew & Elena

    Wonderful girls.
    Why can't we find beautiful slim girls like these girls in Scotland ?
    That's why I met my soul mate on this site just.We are now happily married and expecting a baby in July.
    From, Andrew & Elena.

    George Ferrara

    Thank you for straightening out the problem, Irina learning English will help to not have this problem again. I am very pleased with your service and Irina and I are very happy you have assisted us in finding each other.

    George Akalpa Mukherjee

    Dear Irina,
    Thanks again for all of your help.
    Overall, your services were very nicely coordinated. Also, your representatives were friendly and nice to work with. The apartment was quite nice and cozy as you had described. I will definitely use your services again.
    Spasiba. :)

    James E. Cornett III

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    I have been engaged to a girl on Army of Brides since September 2003, and we have approved I-129F petition and interview in Kiev next month. Just so you know, it is your agency where I found her and began to write her.. So I am thankful for your existence. In our case, you have served the pure purpose for which I hope your agency exists...

    Edward Lipp

    Edward and VictoriyaI am engaged to be married to Viktoriya Bratash, ID: 5295. Please remove my profile from your site. Many women have written emails to me. It is too expensive to reply to all of them. Will you inform them that I am engaged to be married ? I have tried many services with several years of effort. Finally I am engaged due to your agency.
    Thank you very much.
    Edward Lipp

    Raney Hall

    Dear Irina, Tanya, Vitali, Marina,
    Hello! Thank you for all of your help while I was there in Mariupol. I hope that I did not cause any problems. It really was a pleasure to meet all of you. It really was very interesting talking with you and I did not want the conversation to end. It is ok that I did not meet any women, because I met all of you! I am here in Donetsk waiting for the train to Simferopol.. Donetsk is a really big city. Is it just my ears, or do people here speak "gromko?". Irina, I want you to show this e-mail to Oleg....I want him to know how very helpful all of you were, though I think that he knows he has good people working for him, right?
    Thanks again.............................Raney

    Jerry Wible

    Dear Sir
    I have found a Ukrainian girl. Therefore I will no longer need you services. Please cancel my subscription. You have a good website and I will tell others about it.
    Jerry Wible

    Tatyana from Stahanov and Robert

    I am Happy to live in Hawaii,
    this is so warm and very beautiful. I went to play tennis and to went to surfing. I like it very much. So, I want to ask you to put my picture to your book of thanks, I did not know English well, and my Robert doesn't wont to write himself, so I sending my picture and say - Thank you for our met, I am very happy to know you and all girls from our agency.

    Ken Joldersma

    I would like to remove my profile from the web site. My ID # is 13673. I have just returned from Omsk and am very happy to say that I met someone there that I wish to continue with in a serious manner so I no longer wish to be listed as available.
    Thank you,
    Ken Joldersma

    Bruce Zeier

    Dear Customer Service;
    I am writing to request that you cancel my membership as I have found a woman that I am very happy with, using your service incidently, and would like to stop receiving any more emails from women. The girl I selected is Irina from Poltava and you should congradulate Elena in your Poltava offfice for doing and excellent job and running an honest agency.
    Thanks Again.

    Einar Berg

    Einar Berg

    Tim Christopher

    Thank you so much. Your team is very good as usual. Thanks for helping me out, I appreciated the quick response that you guys are known for.

    Bryan Brouckaert

    I just got back from Ukraine where I met "my" lady. It was great, we liked each other a lot and we had a great time. I plan to see here again in the (near) future and hope that our relationship continues. Thank you very much for making this possible.

    Paul Vella

    Would you please remove my profile from your site please? I may assure you that it's nothing to do with you or your site. I just wish to thank you for allowing me to be part of your team and for the help you provided when I needed it. I wish to take this opportunity for thanking again for all assistance and care.
    Kindly Yours,
    Paul Vella

    Robert King

    Dear Sirs,
    Thank you for your services! I have met a wonderful woman and I would like to request that my profile be removed from your website. My ID on your website is: 5514.
    Thank you!
    Bob King

    James Kremmel

    Would you please delete my profile from your website? Love is in the air on my end and I am not in need of your service at this time. Your website is wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anybody that is interested in a first class operation and in many beautiful and charming women.

    Dale Braun

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    Greetings from Canada. My name is Dale Braun, and I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have just returned from my second trip to Ukraine this year where I became engaged to Anna # 5331. In conversation with her, she explained to me that she had consulted with the agency, and had asked to have her profile removed from your website, and your affiliates. I would be thankful if you would confirm that this profile has been removed. I have many associates that are interested in looking to Ukraine for marriage opportunities. They are always asking me for a referral of a trusted agency. I will gladly put your link on my corporate website. Once again thank you for your time
    Dale Braun
    949164 Alberta, Ltd.

    Good morning.
    I would like to stop our collaboration and ask you to stop sending any e-mails.
    I found my soul mate, my future wife.
    I thank you very much for all what you made for me.
    Good continuation.

    Dr. A. Lorand

    Dear Irina, Oleg, Igor and everyone else at army-of-brides!
    Hello and good day!
    I just want to thank you for your fine work. I appreciate your service, your website and your concept. I am enjoying very much emailing with some of your wonderful ladies and I feel very grateful to you for this opportunity. So, again, thank you. I hope that you received many thanks, from all the gentlemen and ladies using your service, because you deserve it!
    Wishing you a wonderful day and rest of the week,
    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. A. Lorand

    Christian Andersen.

    I will like to say thank you fore all nice letter from your beautiful girls. I will tell you that I'm not interest in more letters. I have found the girl of my dreams.
    Thank you so much fore your kindness.
    Your sincerely.
    Christian Andersen.


    Dear Oleg and Hanuma,
    It's being 5 years since we live happily together here in Scotland. I suppose, our people are fatalists in their majority and believe in their destiny or fate.

    Probably it was my fate to come across your agency many many years ago...meeting the man who I respect and love deeply....getting married......

    5 years regrets... on the contrary, a big Thank You to Oleg and Natalya and all that old naughty, funny, bubbly and cool Hanuma staff I had pleasure to know and work with.

    PS: Louise is four now and Sashka will be three late August. They grow bilingual and true Scots like their dad :-)))

    I passed my interview at Edinburgh University and got unconditional offer to do the Postgraduate course in Primary Teaching this August. It's exceptionally competitive course and I am probably very lucky to get it.

    It's being quite interesting time here this summer as the group of Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts hold their executive committee session this June. I was asked to interpret for them and had pleasure to meet the greatest people in the world like Leonov, Savinyh, Kuleshova, etc...

    Once again, our greatest thanks to Oleg who are making dreams come true for so many people in the world...