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  • Ukrainian brides marriage agency Army-Of-Brides offers you all services you need on the way to find, get introduced, develop relations and meet in person your beautiful Ukrainian bride. All girls and women presented in our Ukrainian brides catalog are real and in search for their true love and worthy husband. If you are new to the on-line dating and never tried to search for a bride in the Internet, read carefully this description of our services to understand how to make a good start and in the end find your one true love among thousands of Ukrainian brides.

    1.Create an ad in Men's Catalog.
    2.Search Ukrainian brides in the album.
    3.Watch video of Ukrainian women.
    4.Contact Ukrainian brides.
    5.Use our special services.
    6.Meet the bride you chose in person.

    1. Create an ad in Men's Catalog.

       First of all you should get registered and post your data and photos to our Men's Catalog, so Ukrainian brides could see who writes them, and contact you themselves if they like you. You ad will be available only for girls who themselves have profiles in our Ukrainian brides catalog. All the girls and women you see on our pages came personally to the local marriage agencies offices and filled in application forms, brought their recent photos. Only profiles of real girls are posted to our Ukrainian brides catalogs. They are interested in finding a man, that's why they regularly come to the agency to browse men's profiles and choose men they like and want to contact. Please, leave true information about yourself and post recent photos: the first step to form relations should be honest, that's the guarantee of your success in finding your Ukrainian bride. You can deactivate your ad from Men's catalog any time you want it, thus making it unavailable for new Ukrainian brides.
    2. Search Ukrainian brides in the album.

       We have a wide selection of profiles for pretty Ukrainian brides on Army-Of-Brides web-site. You will certainly find what you are searching for among more than ten thousand girls and women. Profiles of Ukrainian women and girls from Ukraine are organized into several catalogs. You can search for a girl among Ukrainian brides in bikini, girls with video-clips available, latest additions to the catalog, and 100 most popular Ukrainian brides. You can also use Search Engine to search for a woman matching several parameters you are looking for.
    3. Watch video of Ukrainian women.

       Army Of Brides presents Ukrainian brides and Ukrainian women with video. We are sure you would like to see how a woman looks in real life, how she speaks, moves, to hear her voice, and make sure our Ukrainian brides are not only pretty photos, but also beautiful live women! We highly recommend you to view the video if a girl has it available: photos do not always show all beauty of the woman, sparkles in her eyes and shine of her smile! We have divided video into categories according to the content. Introduction video is a video where a girl tells about herself. You will be able to see how she speaks, to hear her voice. If a girl knows English, she will try to say some phrases in English. If a girl speaks Ukrainian or Russian, what she says is translated into English and given as subtitles. Action video shows how a girl moves. It is almost like seeing the woman in real! Bikini video shows the lady in the swimming suit. She walks, she sits, she lies on the beach, all in bikini, and she really wants to attract your attention! Aiming at presenting each lady as truly and fully as possible, we try to do several videos for one and the same lady. Section two and more video shows ladies who have several videos available.
    4. Contact Ukrainian brides.

       When you find several Ukrainian brides you like you can contact them using our email forwarding system. We would recommend use email forwarding for the first contact because girls and women have more trust to the men who send them letters through the agency, besides all letters sent through the agency are translated for women if they do not know English well. Direct contact by postal mail or phone with women or girls you chose will be the next step in your relations, when your Ukrainian brides know through emails who you are and trust you. Sometimes men do not trust the agency and try to avoid contacting Ukrainian brides through the agency. But do not forget that women come to the agencies personally, they know the people who work their, and have trusting relations with managers and interpreters. Many Ukrainian brides if asked why they decided to search for a husband through the agency would reply that it is safer, men who are clients of the agency are more serious and reliable. Use the web-site to contact the woman for the first time, and in the process of corresponding ask for her postal address and phone number.
    5. Use our special services.

       We have several special features for our customers. If you want you can become a subscriber and get additional benefits when using our services: our subscribers can not only receive 20 free videos of Ukrainian brides every month, but also send 10 free queries to women, plus get different type of discounts on purchasing BRIDIKs (e-mail credits). While corresponding with women you can decide to send flowers and gifts to pamper your favorite girls. We deliver gifts to Ukrainian women who have option "send me a gift" in their profiles. Flowers, candies, toys - these romantic tokens will show your favorite Ukrainian woman that you care and think about her. Do not forget to order a photo on delivery with your gift order - and you will see a happy face of your Ukrainian bride who will smile only for you.
    6. Meet the Ukrainian brides you chose in person.

       Come to meet your Ukrainian brides in person to their native city. Local marriage agency will help you to organize your stay in Ukraine, will offer you Ukrainian women catalog and introduce you to more beautiful Ukrainian women. Our main office is located in Mariupol, the Estern part of Ukraine, but we have branches, offices and partners in many cities of Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova and that's why we can arrange a Personal Tour for you to almost any city according to your choice. If you come and something goes wrong with your date, you can always choose more girls from local marriage agencies catalogs right there.