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    Contact with foreign men, meeting men from abroad, get married to a foreigner IS real! Do you want to get acquainted with a foreigner and then marry him? Internet gives you wonderful opportunity for meeting foreign men for serious relations and marriage. Thousands of lonely men use Internet for meeting women from the FSU (Former Soviet Union) countries. What attracts foreigners in Russian women? Our women are the most beautiful women in the world! Most open, sincere, sensuous and faithful. Our women are capable of love and create good families. These and other qualities are greatly appreciated by the foreign men.
    If you by any reasons have not met the one you need, we sincerely believe that our web-site is the right place for you! We have a lot of positive results and we know that each person has a chance to meet a life-time partner.
    Web-site will help you with it.
    My name is Oleg,Oleg Syedyshev I am the owner of the web-site. I know and I can speak
    out that Slavic women are most beautiful, kindest, most reliable, most romantic, most caring woman in the world. I created a marriage agency to help our women in search for their happiness.

    My agency is for those who want to find one's second half!
    My policy is creation of serious trusty relations between a man and a woman.
    My greatest desire is to make people happier!

    Our agency is very popular among Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Australians. Our services for women are free. You can place your profile in our database by yourself. You just need to fill in the form.

    We invite all girls, who want to find their other half abroad fill in the registration form at our webs-te absolutely free. Thousands respectable foreign men who search for their dream woman will see you and write you. You can use our services only if you register to our web-site.

    Placing your data you on our web-site you are obliges to observe the following rules:

    Give only true information about yourself;
    Reply all letters in a timely manner
    Do not use our web-site for getting a material gain
    Inform us in a timely manner about change of your contact information (e-mail address, phone number, postal address)

    How to fill in the registration form:

    Fill in the application in English only in case you know English well.
    The more contact phone numbers you leave the better.
    Try to fill in all the fields of the registration form. It is of great importance that you fill in such fields as first name, last name, age, height, weight, address, telephone. If at least one of these fields is not filled in, the application will not be accepted. Do not forget to send us your pictures. Applications without pictures will not be published on our web-site. It is desirable that you would send us at least two pictures - portrait and full length picture. Please, do not give as contact addresses "poste restante" and addresses of the agencies. Only applications with home addresses and phone numbers will be published on the web-site. We check all the information you post - soon after you fill in the application our representative will call you, and only after we confirm your information, the profile will be posted to our web-site. Profiles without phone number and home address are not accepted for publication. We also delete profiles with low-quality photos, photos with other people (we accept only pictures where you are with your child/ children). We ask you to give a phone number for us to be able to contact you. If it is mobile phone, or office phone, phone of your friends or neighbours, please, note so. If you do not have any phone number for contacting you, your profile will not be published. Please, give the phone number in the correct format, double check the city code. For example, +380 (44) 123-45-67. Profiles are not published without checking. Your profile will be published only after our representative talks to yo personally. If your profile is not published after some time it means we can't get in contact with you.

    You can fill in the application form here