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    1.I would like to receive woman's additional photos and I cannot unless they e-mail directly.
    2.Can you explain why some of your women have normal photos and some are professional model photos?
    3.Can I send a photo attached with my e-mail?
    4.Can you please inform me how I would go about receiving additional photos from a woman I am writing to through your agency?
    5.Some women ask me if I can send photos in postal mail, like never see me before.

    Also, is it possible to exchange e-mail directly with the ladies as I would like to receive their additional photos and I cannot unless they e-mail directly.
    Sorry, we don't allow foreign men and Russian women to exchange direct e-mail addresses while they correspond using our e-mail forwarding system. BUT you can exchange phone numbers and ask for woman's e-mail address during the phone conversation. As for additional photos, you can exchange them through our web-site as well, but it will cost money as you understand. To send or receive every additional photo costs 0.5 BRIDIK. If it is you who send photo, the woman gets it printed with your last letter to her. If it is she who wants to send you some additional photos, the woman brings them to the agency, the Russian woman's local agency scans photos, and you get them attached to woman's letter. You can choose whether you want to open (and pay for) them all.

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    I have been using your service for a long time and I am curious about something. It seems that the most attractive women who write to me have the same style of photos, they are all made with a white background. This is usually done only for professional models and not regular women who work for a living. Can you explain why some of your women have normal photos and some are professional model photos?
    The quality of the photo depends on different things:
    1. How much money the girl is ready to spend on photos
    2. If a girl is/was a model (professional or not professional; nowadays in Ukraine and Russia there are many the so-called "model schools" which girls of 15-20 attend, they have some lessons and photo-sessions)
    3. The local marriage agency the lady is from. For example, in our office in Mariupol we have a deal with a photographer who makes photos for ladies sent to him by us cheaper, or make pictures of new clients right near our office; in Gorlovka they make photos with digital camera right at the office; the same in Stahanov - the photographer comes to the office to make "shooting"; in Kazan all photos/poses are almost the same, because they also work with the one and the same photographer; the same with Melitopol and Zaporozhye girls - the background and settings are the same. These are only some examples. The agency usually advises a woman to go to the photographer who makes good photos. You can notice all these similarities if you choose to browse Russian women from the same city.
    You are wrong thinking that professional photos are made only for professional models: women understand pretty well that the first impression you, men, get about them is from the pictures, and if the picture is of low quality you may not write her back. If she is serious she will go to the professional photographer and make professional photos. And later on, while exchanging letters, she can send you her "amateur" photos, made by her friends with a cheap (or not cheap) photo-camera (by the way, such pictures are really of worse quality, and after scanning and resizing not much is seen, that's why we do not advise women to use them for their profiles on the web-site; usually "amateur" photos are made in a company of friends or family circle, it is rare that a woman has "amateur" photos where she is alone, though, of course, there are exceptions).

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    Can I send a photo attached with my e-mail?
    Yes, you can attach photos to the letters you send to Russian women using our e-mail forwarding system. To forward 1 photo costs 0.5 BRIDIK. The girl can send you her additional photos as well; it is the same 0.5 of a BRIDIK for opening each additional photo from a girl.

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    I have been corresponding with Elena. She has additional photos she wishes to send to me. Can you please inform me how I would go about receiving those from her through your agency?
    The woman brings the photos to the local marriage agency, the agency sends the pictures to the man as files attached to the lady's letter; when a man receives a letter with attachments, ho chooses whether to open all attached files (and to pay for each of them 0.5 of a BRIDIK) or just opens one or two.

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    I have important questions, because i have profile in Army of Brides and "if" she write to me before, it must be meaning, that she saw my profile, or not? because some ask to me if i can send photos in postal mail, like never see me before.
    They want more photos of you to know how you look in real life - one photo in the profile is not enough. You should also ask them to send more pictures. Be sure, girls bring the best pictures they have, what you see is usually the best she can look, in real life she is different. Exchange as many pictures as possible not to get shock when you come to meet the girl. Men love with their eyes, and if for you it is really important that the girl should be very beautiful, ask her for
    different pictures in natural surrounding. To return to your question why they ask for your pictures - too many cases when men place in the profile photos made 10-20 years ago. We, the agency, can make sure that the girl looks in her pictures close to real life, but we can't make sure the man looks the same as in the pictures. Many times it happened that a man came to see a girl, and she rejected him because HE LOOKED ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURES IN HIS PROFILE. Men blame the agency "you girls are not serious, she didn't want marriage, she said she liked me, and now she rejected". Of course - she was waiting for the man whose picture she saw in the profile, and here came someone different. And though man's appearance usually less important that his seriousness, reliability, care, the shock when she sees this man for the first time in real life affects the relations you both build during correspondence. Take it into consideration.

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